Witty charging station

Take the road of new energies

witty your technical and aesthetic solution for electric vehicles

Easy and quick to implement for some, efficient, economical and reliable for others: the witty range has been designed for both installers and operators.

as witty

A solution for every vehicle

Witty socket

Usage: indoor, outdoor
Installation : recessed wall or surface mounted
Charging mode : Slow charging
Vehicle type : bike, scooter and motorbike, cars with small batteries
Advantages : cable compatible and mode 2 charging
Plug type : E type plug

Witty Home

Usage : indoor, outdoor
Installation : wall or pillars
Charging mode : accelerated charging
Vehicle type: cars and vans
Advantages : compactness
Plug type : T2S plug type

Witty Park

Usage: indoor, outdoor
Installation : wall or pillars
Charging mode : accelerated charging
Vehicle type : cars and vans
Advantages : compactness
Plug type: T2S type socket + E type socket


A light signal system indicates the operating status of the charging station.


A storage basket makes it easy to remove the vehicle's power plug from the terminal.


2 possibilities of installation, standing or wall-mounted.

Guaranteed compatibility

Power that adapts, regardless of your subscription and electricity supplier.

Recharge your electric or hybrid vehicle safely

Type and number of vehicle, individual or collective charging station, charging mode, budget, etc., are all points that need to be carefully analyzed to properly diagnose your needs. We recommend that you use the services of a qualified electrician.

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Choosing the right charging mode

According to the standard

The NF EN 61851-1 standard defines 4 charging modes, each with a specific type of plug and a specific electrical installation. These different modes allow slow, normal, accelerated or fast recharging.

While slow charging allows full recharging between 9 and 16 hours*, normal or accelerated charging only allows recharging between 2 and 8 hours*.

* Charging time given for a power of 22 kW, for 150km of autonomy

Zoom on the different charging mode

The type of station will influence the charging time depending on the power.

Modes 1 and 2 are suitable for slow loads and are carried out using a nomadic cord, plugged into a 16 A alternating current socket.

Mode 3, , in alternating current, allows both normal, accelerated and fast charging. It has become a standard in France as it is suitable for both domestic and public installations.

Finally, mode 4, connected in direct current, only allows fast charging.

According to your needs

Scooter / bike

Mode 2
3,2 kW
With or withour access control
Wall mounting
witty socket

Personal car

Mode 3 Mono
7,4 kW
With access control
Payment systel
witty home or park

Company vehicle

Mode 3
Mono or 3-phase
7,4 to 22 kW
With access control
witty home or park

Customer vehicle

Mode 3
Mono or 3-phase
7,4 to 22 kW
With or without access control
Payment or not
witty home or park

Private/public parking

Mode 3
Mono or 3-phase
7,4 to 22 kW
With access control
witty home or park

They trust us

In Paris or Strasbourg, with ERDF, Renault, Peugeot, Toyota and BMW, Hager contributes to the development of electric mobility.
Alongside local authorities, in partnership with industrial companies, Hager has been involved in electric mobility from the very beginning, thus relaying a strong ambition of the public authorities.

Mercedes-Benz/Smart dealer equipped with witty park

Renault technocentre equipped with witty home

City of Obernai (France) equipped in witty park

B’Twin Decathlon headquarter equipped in witty park