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Cable management by Hager
let's see how far your imagination will go

Hager offers a wide range of products to help you manage the organisation of power and data cables in a smart way.
Fusion of design and technology, let Hager be your inspiration !

  • 1 | Charging station

    Electric energy brings you everywhere.
    Charge your car while you are working thanks to dedicated charging stations by Hager.

  • 2 | SL plinth with LED

    Ambient lighting gives the design its finishing touch.

  • 3 | DAB Cable tray

    Fixed on the ceiling to convey power and light wherever you wish.

  • 4 | BR trunking

    Adaptable trunkings to fit on vertical surfaces.

  • 5 | DA mobile poles

    Independant poles that can be equipped with sockets and switches.

  • 6 | Underfloor boxes

    Invisible boxes equipped with sockets.

  • 7 | Pull out multi outlet modules

    Integrated, it is only visible when you need it.

  • 8 | RS design poles

    An energy source always close to you.

  • 9 | Design trunking

    Easy connection of wall-mounted elements to power supply from the floor.