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Contactor tool

Lighting Selection Tool

The modern lighting systems generate high inrush currents. Therefore we recommend to use the tool below to calculate the maximum number of lamps which can be connected to a Hager’s contactor.

From June 2014, Hager has improved the performance of 1 and 2 module contactors. The products identified on the front face with the pictogram can accept a higher number of lamps. For the 1 and 2 module contactors without the pictogram, divide by 2 the results given by the modular contactor tool.

We recommend that you use the tool below to determine:
  • What contactor to install if you know the inrush current and duration.
  • Otherwise, the maximum number of lamps that can be installed behind a contactor.
General conditions
The information given by the Modular Contactor should be considered as indicative and is provided on an "as is" basis. Considerable variations may occur depending on the electrical installation and equipment used. Only experienced professionals with the expertise to determine the characteristics of the electrical installation (value and duration of inrush currents, general characteristics of the installation, types of loads, etc…) may approve and implement a configuration, in accordance with the currently applicable installation standards. Hager accepts no liability for the use made of this information.

Indication of total amount of lamps

Do you know the current peak and duration of the lamp?

Current peak [A]
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Current peak duration [microseconds]
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Type of range
Type of lamp
Power of lamp
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