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When you choose quadro+, you know you’re getting a proven solution. The technology is fully type-tested to IEC standards EN-61439-1&2. This means it meets the highest international standards of security, performance and reliability. So, whether you’re working in the commercial or residential sector, you can be sure your distribution board will meet all your requirements day in day out, year after year.
Technical characteristics
Complete system:

Fully tested system up to 1600A
Made in Italy

Main distribution board
Segregation form 2bInA up tp 1600A
IP 55
IK 10
Class I

Dimensions: Heights (mm): 1900 – 2100
Lengths (mm): 450 - 700 - 900 -1000
Depths (mm): 400 – 600 - 800

  • Fully-type-tested to IEC standards
EN-61439-1&2 for performance and safety
  • Enclosure structure designed for fast,
easy mounting by one person
  • Rigid and flat-packed for ease of transport
  • Wide range of enclosure dimensions
to fit anymulti-residential and commercial projects

Main incomers

Ratings: 630 - 5000A with 3 frames
Breaking capacity: 50 to 100kA
  • Top performance operation
  • Compliant to IEC 609947-2
Ratings: 16 to 1600A
Breaking capacity: 18 to 70kA
  • Large choice of ratings and breaking capacities to match any project specifications
  • Compliant with IEC 60947-2

Energy management solution: agardio.manager
  • Reliable energy supply up to current of 4000A
  • Continuous network analysis
  • Analysis of harmonis for timely detection of network problems
  • Prevention of plant downtimes
  • On time illustration of energy efficiciency class.
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Project references
01 Nelo, Portugal
02 Nelo, Portugal
03 Nelo, Portugal
04 Nelo, Portugal