The World of individual Solutions

The easiest way to individual electrical installation

The Manufaktur of the three brands Hager, Berker and Elcom supports you reliably in the consultation, planning and implementation of individual custom-made products. Access the full range of modern electrical installations. From the individually configured package from the existing product ranges to the modification of individual products to the specially developed one-off, which is manufactured by hand with the utmost care. With it we guarantee you also with special requests, the accustomed standard with best quality.

One design - different products

Cable management

Whether skirting trunking or floor connection column, with the right design, the cable management is given aesthetic in addition to its function.

Door communication

You do not have to be an esthete to think now: "Good, if shape, color and surface harmonize".
Therefore, with the help of the Manufaktur, you can design your door intercom in the style of your switches.

Switch design

A huge amount of surfaces, colours and materials are available to make a switch from a series unique. And should the desired still not be there, then we develop one more...

Special requests in series

Eight reasons for a complete solution


You have a single point of contact for all essential parts of the smart electrical installation.


Your project management will be significantly streamlined. Instead of bringing three or four specialists to a table, one phone call is enough.


Our development and production departments are closely networked. This project can only benefit your project.


The overall installation is of consistent quality. No gap, no weak spot.


All our departments use the same raw materials and suppliers. A good basis for the uniform appearance.


Technology and know-how transfer are not keywords, but lived company philosophy.


The complete Hager, Berker, Elcom range is huge and covers all major areas of electrotechnical installation.


The complete process is a coherent overall process.

The process

The first step
Talk to us. It's ideal if you contact us while you're discussing the possibilities with your customer. Our sales staff may be able to provide one or two new ideas.

The planning phase
Of course, we will provide you with tender texts and support you through the process of developing the solution. We can have drawings, samples, documentation and more ready for you. Your contact in the Hager sales team will provide you with assistance and material when it comes to preparing presentations, if required.

Your order
Please send your order to your electrical wholesaler, as normal. You will receive a time-limited quotation from them. They will also schedule your order and handle the logistics.