Building Automation

Switch to the future with the KNX system

Timeless design, outstanding quality

User-friendly interface and technical perfection

Design speaks for itself

We offer a wide range of wiring accessories with unique design lines, a hug amount of surfaces, colours and materials. With real materials and different finishes to choose from, there are more than 100 aesthetic possibilities to blend in with the interior design of our customers’ homes. Our range includes multiple award-winning, high-end design lines like 1930, R classic, TS, plus high-end KNX offer (BIQ, TS Sensor).

At Hager, design is more than nice surfaces and design fineries, it is an authentic expression of who we are, together with why, how and what. And therefore, we develop our solutions with functionality in mind.
Switches, scokets and sensors combine sophisticated technology with ease of use and unique design, so you can enjoy optimal comfort, mobility and security.

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Looking for custom design?

No problem, then we develop one more! We can make your wishes come true with our custom-made services. With it we guarantee you also with special requests, the accustomed standard with best quality.

Our Hager manufacturing process creates a unique range of wiring accessories for our customers that represent a genuine combination of high-tech performance and craftsmanship. Through printing, lasering, surface treatment or finishes with special materials, each device becomes truly one-of-a-kind.

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Flexibility and reliability

Open protocol

As an open protocol, KNX is future-proof and flexible in essence. We are open to IoT devices like Alexa to control any electrical appliance.
With our open electrical infrastructure solution, we provide a state-of-the-art building automation architecture. It enables digital, intelligent service integration and is open and ready for use by third parties. This not only increases user comfort and satisfaction, it also allows the facility management and operators the needed reactivity to optimise the management of a building.

As founding members of KNX, we have been designing robust and reliable KNX devices for 30 years, with the highest quality standards. At Hager, we have a long experience in electronics. We carefully test and select the critical components ensuring you the best quality.

Nothing connects like KNX

KNX is the common language of smart devices. It is an open standard, so devices made by other manufacturers also communicate via KNX. They speak the same language as your smart home and can therefore be integrated without any problems. More than 450 companies around the world now default to this system. Not only does this guarantee that your KNX smart home is future-proof; it gives you a wide range of products to choose from.

Internet of Things

Amazon Alexa, Google Home, Sonos, Philips Hue, ... you make the rules, controlling your building appliances as per your preferences. Our solutions are compatible with IoT and IFTT service unlocking a whole world of possibilities.


Based on an implementation of KNX, domovea is ideal for controlling automation in large villas, apartment buildings, offices and hotel apartments.

domovea provides you a common interface for all your smart devices, enabling them to communicate seamlessly. In other words, domovea lets you create a single system from a range of stand-alone solutions, just the way you want.

Part of your KNX installation system, your data are transmitted to the local domovea server in your control room ensuring maximum data protection. Smart devices such as Sonos speakers and Philips Hue lightbulbs operate using your WLAN and only need Internet access when they are first installed. Only if you integrate Internet services or speech control into your smart building, relevant data will be shared with the cloud server.

Proven experience

Our long list of project references, from Europe to Middle East, proves our experience and expertise to design the right applications for the users while optimising the investments.

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