Deniz Istanbul, Turkey

Where the sea meets the green. Deniz Istanbul villas project adapts the eligibility of the classical style to modern life with the peace and comfort of Marina Houses.

Deniz Istanbul Facts

Place Yakuplu, Istanbul, Turkey
Total construction time 2,5 years
Open since Marc. 2019
Capacity 87 first-class villas

Deniz Istanbul participants

Operator Keleşoğlu
Investor / Owner Private
System integrator Saha Teknik
Architect Kraft Architecture/Hakan Bağcı & Nazlı Tınastepe

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A life far beyond your expectations

Deniz Istanbul offers a piece from heaver with the natural features of its location in Yakuplu, the new attractive location in Istanbul city. As part of the Deniz Istanbul development project, the Marina Houses now have a special status... Read more...

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... There are 87 first-class villas in an area of 64,000 m2 not far from the Sea of Marmara coastline. And every bit as exceptional as the properties are the switches and control systems that manage them – both from Berker

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