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Hager Brochures

We offer a wide variety of brochures to go deeper into technical details and product offer related to our solutions.
Title  Description  Download 
2-1 motion and presence detectors
    PDF, 174 KB
    PDF, 2,1 MB
Berker Electronics
    PDF, 23,3 MB
Berker KNX sensors
    PDF, 6,3 MB
Berker Manufaktur
    PDF, 3,4 MB
Berker Q.7 brochure
    PDF, 2,8 MB
Berker switches and sockets
    PDF, 27 MB
Berker switches selection guide
    PDF, 4,2 MB
Cable management solutions
    PDF, 4,3 MB
Ceiling trunking system
    PDF, 7,8 MB
Check hager
    PDF, 250 KB
Coviva solution and micromodules
    PDF, 7 MB
Domovea 2
    PDF, 14,7 MB
Domovea Enduser brochure
    PDF, 1,9 MB
Domovea Installer brochure
    PDF, 2,1 MB
    PDF, 4,1 MB
Easy from Hager
    PDF, 22,4 MB
Electric vehicle charging stations solutions
    PDF, 1,7 MB
Energy Efficiency brochure
    PDF, 25 MB
Energy Monitoring solution
    PDF, 2,1 MB
    PDF, 1,8 MB
Gallery select brochure
    PDF, 3,5 MB
Guide to IEC 61439 Standards
    PDF, 6,9 MB
h3+ MCCBs - Guaranteed protection
    PDF, 4 MB
Hager Blueprint B.15
  Waterworks, Hamburg: reinventing a monument  PDF, 3,9 MB
Hager Design book
    PDF, 2 MB
Hagercad - Automatically better
    PDF, 5,2 MB
Home brochure
    PDF, 3,7 MB
Hotel brochure
    PDF, 3,7 MB
Hotel solutions
    PDF, 10,5 MB
HW ACB brochure
    PDF, 25,4 MB
    PDF, 4,6 MB
Lighting Management brochure
    PDF, 13,3 MB
    PDF, 3,7 MB
new witty
    PDF, 36 KB
quadro+ brochure for Consultants
quadro+ brochure for Panel builders
SL trunking skirting system
    PDF, 6,4 MB
Smart solutions for hotels
    PDF, 10,5 MB
stylea brochure
    PDF, 10,5 MB
Surge protection devices
    PDF, 1,2 MB
Switches and sockets for hotels
    PDF, 2,7 MB
Tebis KNX Enduser brochure
    PDF, 11,1 MB
Tebis KNX Installer brochure
    PDF, 6,2 MB
Technical guide 2015
    PDF, 6,4 MB
tehalit c60+
The partner for smart solutions you can trust
    PDF, 4,6 MB
Underfloor trunking system
    PDF, 5,5 MB
    PDF, 499 KB
Wall installation system
    PDF, 10,7 MB
    PDF, 712 KB