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h3+ MCCBs Protect. Measure. Communicate.


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Intelligent energy monitoring for functional and commercial buildings

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Planning software


Take the low-voltage distribution planning to the next level

Design verified system


Fully type-tested to IEC standards EN-61439-1&2, the technology meets the highest international standards of security, performance and reliability

berker ranges

Switches and sockets

With 15 design line, the spectrum ranges from classic to contemporary styles. You can choose between various different materials within a number of series. Such a wide variety ensures that each architectural line can be perfected down to the finest details.

Compliance for peace of mind

Standard IEC 61439

Let our experts support you in the development of new business opportunities in compliance with the standard.

Wireless smart home technology


coviva requires no expensive building work and can be installed without costly routing work for electricity and data cables. This makes coviva the perfect solution for refurbishing and renovations.

The world of individual solutions


More room, more individuality. A huge amount of surfaces, colours and materials are available to make a switch from a series unique.

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